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Hello North Country!

Its great to be home again.

My name is Meri Bennett Briggs and I was born and raised in Ogdensburg & Heuvelton.  As a child, nothing was more exciting than going downtown. Strolling among the historic buildings with their stores and busy sidewalks.  From soda fountains where the cost of an ice cream sundae was only a matter of choosing just the right balloon, to riding up and down the store escalator or marveling at all the beautiful window displays up and down Ford St. It was a great place to grow up.

I left the area over 30 years ago to discover the world. I have been lucky enough to travel around the country and Europe and yet I always remembered my hometown with special fondness. As long as I remember, retiring before turning 60 has always been a goal of mine and after a long career in retail executive management I dreamt of establishing my own vision.  As the reality of those two dreams approached I felt the pull to “come home.” 


Merging my dream with a sense of community is my passion.  We want you to be happy that we are your neighbor. Beginning in 2018 we plan on holding small seasonal events geared at supporting our community.

In coming home we hoped we could, in some small way, help breathe new life into the North Country.  I sought out 7 local artisans to join me in this venture. They have agreed to display their talent & work, and they have NOT disappointed!  There is so much talent & culture in our area to highlight!

My husband, Dr. Michael Briggs, has been my biggest champion and supporter and together we  hope you like what we have created for you. 

But we need to hear from YOU.  Please tell us what you want to find locally.  We are committed to bringing you the things you most desire.

Come see us soon!

All the best,

Meri Briggs, Proprietor

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